Wholesale Price of Hairdressing Aluminium Foil Rolls

February 10, 2022

Hairdressing aluminum foil rolls are suitable for hair curling, bleaching and dyeing. They are made of strong soft elastic thin material, can be made into rolls or sheets. Embossed or plain for your choice. Most importantly, they are environmentally friendly and easy to recycle.


Surface Features of Hairdressing Aluminum Foil Rolls:


1. There are no roll marks, bright spots, black lines, creases, twill on the surface of aluminum foil.


2. The surface of the aluminum foil is clean and the plate shape is flat.


3. There are no corrosion marks, oil stains, wrinkles and cracks on the surface of the aluminum foil.


4. The surface of the aluminum foil has no yellow oil spots formed by the burning of the lubricating oil.


How about wholesale price of aluminum foil rolls?


The wholesale price of hairdressing aluminum foil rolls consists of two parts: aluminum ingot price and processing fee. Different alloys, uses, widths and thicknesses have different prices. You can contact us online or by email, and we will send you a detailed quotation within ten minutes.